Cutting Case Fan?

I have an Azza Solano 1000, and the side case fan won't fit with my current CPU cooler. I don't really want to get rid of it so I was thinking of slicing unnecessary parts to make it fit.

Here's the Side of the case:

To make it fit I have to cut the joint of one of the 4 stabilizers of the fan
Here's a zoomed in picture of the area I plan to cut:

My question is, what do those metallic chords do and will it be ok if I cut them off?

Thank you!
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  1. there for the LEDS.
  2. You can cut the , no problemo, only the LED's won't work
  3. The fan has four LED's, so just cutting one chord will only disconnect 1 LED right?
  4. qazwsx16 said:
    The fan has four LED's, so just cutting one chord will only disconnect 1 LED right?

  5. For aesthetics, cut the one diametrically opposite it as well, just to even the look out :)
    Or, mount the casefan on the outside of your case, easier option imo, no hacking up of fan then
  6. When you cut these leads, make sure you don't leave the bare ends touching, or you'll have a short.
  7. Can I get an extension of the same material to reconnect it? If so, what kind of material and where should I get it from?

    And I wish I could choose more than one best answer, all of these are really helpful..
  8. Seriously man,
    chopping then reconnecting is a lot of hassle to get this panel on to fit with your cooler,
    I think your easiest and best option is to take the whole fan off the panel, noting the fanblades orientation, (Which side the curve is if theres no arrows on it)
    re-mount it on the outside and fix that mesh to it as a grill.
    All you'll need if four extra screws for the mesh
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