Building 600 to 700 dollar computer for general use need advice

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: in the next few weeks as soon as I figure out the best parts needed

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: somewhat light gaming no intense graphical games, surfing the web, occasionally watch movies, video chat, play flash games, maybe some other tasks at the same time.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED:keyboard,mouse, monitor, and OS

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: newegg of course :)




G.SKILL PI 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model F3-12800CL6D-4GBPI

LIAN LI Lancool PC-K62 Black 0.8 mm SECC, Plastic + Mesh ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

GIGABYTE GA-P55-USB3 LGA 1156 Intel P55 USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard

Video card
XFX HD-575X-ZNFC Radeon HD 5750 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card

Intel Core i3-530 Clarkdale 2.93GHz 4MB L3 Cache LGA 1156 73W Dual-Core Desktop Processor


Intel Core i5-750 Lynnfield 2.66GHz 8MB L3 Cache LGA 1156 95W Quad-Core Processor

SeaSonic S12II 620 Bronze 620W ATX12V V2.3 / EPS 12V V2.91 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC Power Supply

I'm not sure on the PSU if anyone can help with this and my RAM, other than the one listed above I have these 2 I might want to choose:

Also not sure if I should get the quad or the dual, other than that I'm just not sure which PSU to to buy, any suggestions and advice is great this is my first system I'm going to build. So I would be very happy to build this.

also post if you think I need any other parts. thanks.

using windows 7 64 bit as well
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  1. ^ Did you consider the AMD CPU ?
    IMO the X3 440 would be a very good option to consider...
    and what type of games you play ?
  2. The case and power supply use up a considerable percentage of your budget. You did pick some really excellent quality parts though.
    Alternatives: Antec Three Hundred $60 and for a PSU Corsair 400CX - $50 before $20 rebate
  3. thanks. I did pick some good stuff and I will use the case you chose, only one thing are you sure the PSU is high enough wattage? I don't anything bad to happen.

    I like the reviews on the PSU though are very good I might just choose this PSU what do you think?
  4. I think you'd be very safe with that Corsair 400CX
    Here is a power consumption chart from another graphic card review that also shows the 5750/5770.
    That system used an OC'd i7 920. Your system will use even less. The chart is showing AC power draw at the wall socket.
    The actual DC draw from the PSU to the whole system would usually be 10%-20% lower depending on PSU efficiency rating.
  5. ok excellent. I'll choose it then, the last things I'm stuck on is the CPU the quad or the dual and which RAM to choose and I'm pretty much done.
  6. I think Gkay and I would both like to know what you mean by 'light gaming'.
    That will have possibility a bearing on the dual or quad choice. And the same for 'no intense graphical games'.
    I can see where it might be that a dual core CPU and maybe even a slightly less expensive video card might be suitable.
    But the 5750 IS an awesome gaming card for the price.
  7. @gkay09 no I didn't consider the AMD processor, it is pretty cheap though and its tri-core, I was just going to stick with intel I think I'm not sure, and for games I'm not sure but the graphics card chose should be able to play a lot of games I'm not going to be playing anything real new that requires a really good card. 3D games yes but nothing major. I won't be playing crysis on full settings. :P
  8. here I will give you a few example if need be: world of warcarft, dragonica, schoolmate, artificial girl I don't know if I am allowed to post there.hmm anyways and maybe I few ps2 roms on pcsx2 if I can get them running are these some good examples?
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    Good to know background info.

    Here's the RAM I'd suggest G.SKILL Ripjaws 4GB DDR3 1600 $110 (suggested in the enthusiast 'Recommended Builds' sticky and awesome NewEgg reviews).

    While your gaming requirements won't tax the 5750 at all I'd suggest keeping it in your build and going with the i3-530 CPU over the i5 750. Who knows? You might want to take a stab at Crysis or Starcraft 2 or some other future game.
  10. alright thanks I'll do that. But why did you recommend the RAM you chose?
  11. I did link in the wrong set of G.Skill Ripjaws.
    This is the CAS7 version G.Skill DDR3 1600 $120 recommended in the $1400 Enthusiast build in the Recommended Builds by Usage sticky topic.
  12. ^ Well the X3 440 would be my pick then for your requirements...
    Very good for gaming -,2619.html

    Here is a complete build...
    Lian Li K62 + Seasonic S12 520W - This si good enough even for the HD 5870...
    Or if you feel 520W is less, then this 620W...

    X3 440 + MSI 870 - Latest chipset with SATA 6GB/s and USB 3.0

    RAM - Corsair 4GB DDR3 -

    Graphics card - ASUS HD 5770

    HDD - Samsung F3 1TB - For this price its a no brainer

    DVD -

    Total - $665 Not including rebates...
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