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I am going to build a new gaming system for myself, a bit of advice would be highly appreciated.

Going to build desktop with a core i7 930 processor, I want to know :--

which hard disk shall I go with? How good is WD and if WD is good then out of wd green edition,black edition or blue edition which one shall I choose ?

Which brand of RAM ? DDR3 1333mhz Or 1600 mhz ? What is Heat Sink shall I go with heat sink or without it?

What is the recommended power supply for nvidia 470 is it Cooler master 650?

Finally, which cabinet ? How good is Cooler master CM 690?
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  1. For hdd's samsung f3 is the best price/performance.

    For ram mushkin, corsair and G.skill are all good brands. And heat sinks are metal coverings around the ram which draws the heat away from the ram itself. It is better to have them but all good ram sets come with heat sinks so you shouldn't worry about that.

    For a power supply I would take seasonic, corsair or antec. Here are two good psu's

    if you want to do sli later on

    if not

    the cm 690 is a good case.

    But what is your budget?
  2. around 2000$
  3. Is that without keyboard/mouse/monitor/speakers or with?
  4. yes very much.........
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