PCi Fan Cooler?

Hi, my friend recently got a new GPU and gave me his old 8800gt. I found that this card runs pretty hot, around 50-60 idle. I was wondering if a PCI Fan Cooler would help lower the temperatures. I was looking at this particular Dual slot PCI fan.


Should I buy some vented PCI brackets and put a fan that blows air out the back instead? But the set back is that the fan blocks my other PCI-E slot.

Any opinions appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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  1. Blowing directly on the GPU is useless if you don't have proper case ventilation. 1x Exhaust + 1x intake is good (I use 2x 80mm exhaust + 1x 120mm intake, and 1x80mm top-vent), and should keep your GPU cool.
  2. I currently have 2 80mm intake on the front of the case( CM Centurion 5), 1 120mm exhaust in the back and 1 92mm on the side pulling air out. But the card seems to get really hot under load, about 80C-90C. Just was wondering if a PCI Cooler Fan was worth it as an investment to help cool it, if not I might just go with the PCI Vented Brackets and put a exhaust fan to help pull out the hot air to the back.
  3. Yeah, it should help.
  4. Which method?
  5. Turn that side fan around and let the air blow in. That should at least give some cool air towards the card. But I would not give hope that much because 8800gt fan heat sinks are crappy.
  6. I thought blowing air towards the gpu was not effective. Because the side fan is a little below the fan of the video card.
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    No, you don't want to blow air back in the case, you may end up trapping hot air inside. I'd say pci slot cooler, or you may be able to rig an 80 mm case fan under it to blow out. If you don't have any cards below the vid card, pull all the slot covers off the back of the case, use some wire ties to secure it if you need to. Face the fan blowing out. May not be professional looking, but should help I would think.
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  9. well instead of rigging a 80mm fan on the graphics card...
    you can get a pci rack :D

    im not sure how it works.. i was just surfing the internet and found it...
    basically it allows u to add a fan (hard drives too although it doesnt seem like a good idea... dont know how much weight it can hold)
    and you can position it under your graphics card or even on top of somewhere around ur motherboard (according to the pictures)
    its kind of a nice add on to ur computer :D
    im not sure about the installation... but it doesnt seem to affect any of ur pci slots
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