Hard drive clicking noise, intermittent

I have a 250gb slave IDE hard drive that makes a loud clicking noise, and will cause my system to freeze.

However, when I put the same drive into an external USB chassis, I get no clicking noise, and I can transfer files with no problem at all.

Any experience or suggestions as to what the cause is? I replaced the IDE cable, but the issue continues.

I'm quite sure a new drive is probably in order, but I thought finding the problem might minimize my downtime.
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  1. When in doubt run a SMART utility on the drive. If it's a Western Digital, you can download the Data Lifeguard Diagnostics software from their web page.
  2. I'll try it both in the USB chassis and installed. However, sometimes I cannot boot when the slave drive is installed.

    It's a Windows 2000 system that's served me well for many years.
  3. that's what we call the 'click of death' you are going to want to backup your data from the drive and replace it asap.
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