31K - BAD = WTF?

I recently asked a question about why my SSD was only scoring 6.7 in WEI. After following lots of SSD optimization techniques it had only improved to 6.8 but I came to the conclusion that WEI was not very accurate and to use it as more of a troubleshooter for under performing hardware than a benchmark. I decided that my SSD was still fast (14 second boot). But after a while I realized that I can't just leave it at that so I ran AS SSD on both my SSD and HDD to compare, here are the results for my SSD:

AS SSD Benchmark 1.6.4237.30508
Firmware: 3.12
Controller: msahci
Offset: 31 K - BAD <---------- What is this?
Size: 59.62 GB
Date: 22/07/2012 19:46:22
Read: 115.09 MB/s
Write: 54.43 MB/s
Read: 9.40 MB/s
Write: 11.02 MB/s
Read: 42.13 MB/s
Write: 9.99 MB/s
Access Times:
Read: 0.260 ms
Write: 0.234 ms
Read: 63
Write: 26
Total: 123

Underneath msahci where is says 31k - BAD what is this and how to I make it good?
Are these good timings?

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  1. "31k - BAD" means that your partition is misaligned.
    This usually happens if you restore an image incorrectly or if you clone one drive to another incorrectly.

    Best way to fix it is to do a fresh install of Windows.
  2. plus thats a lower end SSD
  3. Posting links to "free" software - not appreciated here - it is pirated!!!.
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