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I have a windows xp pc that I am trying to set up to be wireless. The wireless router is a NetGear (ugh lousy support)router, the system I am trying to connect to is a dell system. so far I am able to connect my laptop to the wireless router and it works great, however the pc I am trying to attach to does not have a built in wireless connectivity. So I have received a little thumb type connection fropm a friend. When I plug in this wireless adapter to an open usb port it states it cannot find the files it needs. Is there some sort of driver I need to install and if so where can I download it from and I assume (?) it is at no cost. Either way can someone help pls. thanks
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  1. First you need to identify the model number of the device. This will allow you to accureately obtain the correct drivers for the model you are using.

    After you have the model number go here:

    (I'm assuming since the title has linksys in it that you are using a linksys usb dongle for the wireles connetion. If not you will need to go to the manufactures website in order to download the drivers for the device you are trying to use.)

    Type in your model number in the search box and hit enter. After you find your device you need to download the correct drivers for whatever operating system you are using, if they have different ones for different operating systems.

    After downloading, install and enjoy.
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