Main difrence between entry level motherboards and gaming motherboards

What exactly is the main deference between entry level boards and high end gaming boards?
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  1. Apart from Crossfire/SLI compatibility, power regulation and BIOS options to support overclocking! (voltage and speed adjustments)
  2. 1. No. of slots provided for GFX cards...SL / CF support.

    2. Power Regulation and Capabilities

    3. BIOS OC options

    4. Component quality

    5. No. of fan headers.

    6. DDR speed support

    7. No. of storage ports, USB ports

    8. RAID support (also on business boards)

    9. Higher quality sound support and more ports

    10. Troubleshooting options, voltage metering points, etc
  3. Wallie911 said:
    What exactly is the main deference between entry level boards and high end gaming boards?

    In my opinion, not much that matters.

    Only if you are planning on multiple graphics cards will there be much of a difference, so long as the other features you want are there.
    Like usb3.0, or 6gb sata. You probably only need multiple graphic cards for a 2560 x 1600 monitor, or triple monitor surround gaming.
  4. Like Jack said previously, one of the big ones is voltage regulation. Some are just basic and some have elaborate multi-level power. Checkout the Rampage III for example (from ASUS web site):

    Extreme Engine Digi+

    [Extreme Engine Digi+] Powerful combination of analog and digital design elements
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