Converting a RAID Enclosure to NAS

I have a quite nice little SANS 4-drive enclosure I've been using attached to a Windows PC for RAID Level 5 backup of critical data files. However, I'd really like to have it now be a standalone NAS unit. Seems to me (and please be gentle and understand I'm only a home hobbyist) that there should be a sort of "diskless" NAS server that you can plug into the network, and plug the drive enclosure into THAT, and you're in business.

However, I have been unable to locate any such thing! Can anyone point me in the direction of such an animal assuming it exists? If not, maybe I need a patent...
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  1. bpolhemus,

    One thing you could get is a old Linksys NSLU2 off of eBay. An NSLU2 will do exactly what you are looking for - and understand that it is possible an NSLU2 may not be the fastest in the performance area.

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