Budget Build

I Have:
600 HE w Antec PSU
9800 Nvidia 512mb GDDR3
Raptor 74GB Hard drive
win XP
and a ATX case

I Need:
Operating System

I have a $400 budget. I am running a 4200+ X2 AMD currently @2.65 GHZ
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  1. Newegg has a combo deal with the phenom II 955 black and biostar TA890GXB HD board for $224.99. I use a biostar HD series board for my i3, and it overclocks well. For the ram, the egg has ocz special ops edition 2x2gb 1600 ddr3 for $84.99, plus you get a $20 rebate. They also have windows 7 64 bit professional for $139.99 oem builder's version. This puts you over budget; check your local craigslist for deals on windows. I like using xp virtualization on the ultimate or pro versions of windows, but if you don't need them, go for the premium version.
  2. Hey,

    Thanks! I bought a 630 propus and an Asus 785 mobo along with 2gb of kingston ram. I plan on running xp for a few more months.

    Thanks again, fyi though I will never by a biostar again, I always seem to have bad luck with them. I'll stick with Asus from now on.
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