New BUDGET gaming computer.

Budget: £600 for hardware but £900 max with keyboard/mouse/monitor

Purchase date: This weekend latest 2 weeks from now

Usage: Gaming is my main use for this computer also slight multitasking for everyday use (two monitors)

Websites: I would prefer to use Scan but if any other websites support paypal then im happy :)

Preferred parts: LGA 1156 socket motherboard would be ideal for my uses from where i can see with future upgrades going to be easy especially within my budget. Also the 5770 Is a must :)(XFX Preferred by miles)

Other Info: Overclocking Will take place also in the future i can see Crossfire most powerfull cards would be the 5850 in crossfire.

So what do you all think i could get within my £600 budget :whistle:

..Well i get carried away in my dream of a supercomputer... So any ideas are welcome thanks!
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  1. If you don't like that price you can go AMD and save a few euros.
  2. Userremoved said:
    If you don't like that price you can go AMD and save a few euros.

    Was thinking of AMD when I get there ill end up using the phenom x6.

    And thanks for the reply looking through the items right now and I noticed the I5 750 (Had my eye on it for quite a while). The system you chose Is really good thanks again also I love the mobo got upgrade potential.
    Thanks yet again.
  3. Just a side note in 2011 1156 will be replaced but the i5 750 is really powerful so you wont need to upgrade. Glad I could help!
  4. He wanted a 5770 and later a 5850. Also can that mobo use CAS 7 RAM?
  5. Say is this thread over or do you still need help? If you think it's answered just click Select as best answer on the response that helped you the most and the thread will be marked as SOLVED.

    Just saying.

    Also did you chose the Intel or AMD build?
  6. Thanks everyone and i forgot to close the thread. And iv chosen the Intel. Thanks again for your help.
  7. So you will select the best answer to close it? Anyway hope you will be happy with your new PC!
  8. :| Im going to sound like a real noob now but.... where's the best answer button it isn't anywhere.
  9. Bottom right of each reply next to the reply button. :)
  10. Sometimes I docent appear at least I helped out for the PC. Good luck with the build!
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