Which GTS 250?

Which GTS 250 should I get? Upgrading from GeForce 8400, AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+, 2GB DDR2 667.

Core clock (at expense of shader clock), cheapest after rebate

EVGA reliability, most reviews*

Cooler, warranty, memory clock, cheapest before rebate, best reviews*

Probably going to get the MSi one. Also will be getting a new PSU.

*I am aware that reviews are a horrible way to gauge a product :D

Also, I plan on gaming at 1080p. I have a friend who has a 9600GT that benched at ~40fps 1280x1024 in the same game I'm playing. However, he has a better CPU, so I might have some bottlenecking.

BTW: You might have seen my computer build thread. Unfortunately, I don't have the budget to do that now. However, if the opportunity opens up in the future, I might go for a better CPU and add another one of these to SLi.
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  1. The MSI is a good choice.
  2. That one for $90 is a steal, but so is that MSI edition.
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