My new motherboard doesn't recognize my old hard drive.

This could just be a stupid question, but i'll ask it anyway. I recently bought and installed a P6x58d Premium Asus Motherboard. Everything was going fine until the boot up and it didn't see my hard drive. I have no idea what to do from here. Is my hard drive fried or not compatible? It is using one of the sata 3.0Gb ports just as it was on my other comp. Help me out if you can...THX!!!
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  1. Check in BIOS if you have to enable a SATA controller.
  2. I can't see anywhere in the BIOS on where to enable a SATA controller. However I am new at this so any and all help is welcome.
  3. The drive should be identified by BIOS on startup on SATA1-6 connectors, if it does not show up there either the drive or board is faulty. If you had connected the drive to one of the SATA 6Gb ports (Marwell 9123 controller) then it would possible need to be enabled in BIOS.
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