Geforce gx2 9800 vs corsair tx750 psu

hey there
so my system has never been correct. built by a nearby comp store, i picked parts i wanted and they gave me my computer. year and a half later, its been in the shop for months with odd crash problems neither of us can figure out. i have gone so far as to replace, item by item, the parts in my computer (sometimes newer or different parts, sometimes replica parts...)

so, its come down to this. i just replaced my antec true power trio 650 with a corsair tx750 psu. i did this because i thought maybe the crashing is related to power consumption from my heavy draining devices, but im still getting crashes. the problem is, crashing is intermittant and hard to reproduce. i play a lot of avi movies and what not and sometimes itll crash midway through watching on, or watching the comedy while using a fullscreen flash movie player.
its now crashing before i get 20 mins into dawn of discovery.

the corsair psu only has 1 12v rail but it has 60 amps to it where as the antec one had 3X 19A

is this going to be a problem or what?

asus striker 2 extreme mobo
corsair tx750 psu
intel q9450 cpu
ocz reaper 4gig ram @ (8000-12000? cant remmeber) ddr3
soundblaster fataility champion sound
lg blu ray dvd burner
raptor 15k 150gb hd
wd 1tb hd
wd 300gb hd
all put up nicely in an antec p170 case.

please help.
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  1. That PSU is plenty for your setup and should work fine (the old one should have been enough). Have you tested your ram and tried running the system without the sound card?
  2. What parts specifically have you replaced?

    Have you tried a different GPU?
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