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I'm not sure if you can post problems here, but worth a try. While I was playing Portal I got a strange blue screen so I shut down my computer. As I turn it back on it starts up very slow and freezes at the start up windows screen with the glowing windows logo. If I leave it like that for a few min it finally starts up. I can play high end games like MW2 and AoC for hours with no problems but I still have a slow start-up...any ideas why?
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  1. It could be any number of issues, more details like full system specs, OS, BSOD codes, etc would be good to know.

    Potential list is OS not updated, missing files/bad registry's, bad drivers, malware, virus, those are the big software candidates.

    Hardware could be bad RAM, bad PSU, bad MOBO, bad CPU so yea.
  2. MSI 785GM-E51 Mobo
    Radeon 4870 VidCard
    4gb DDR3 G.Skill RAM
    750W PSU
    AMD3 2.6 Quard Core Pros
    1TB HDD
    Windows 7 64-bit

    All my temps are fine, all fans running normal
  3. No ideas?
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