Setup.exe-Device Timeout

okay so today i got a windows 7 ultimate CD. I got to the bios set CD boot priority and etc then when i click install now its getting ready to install and then this comes up......

setup.exe - Device Timeout
The specified I/O operation on \Device\Harddisk0\DR0 was not completed before the time-out period expired

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    That's often an indication that there are bad sectors on the drive, which in turn could mean the drive is starting to fail.

    To check for drive failure (or impending failure) you can test it with "Seagate SeaTools for DOS" which is supplied as an ISO file from which you must make a CD. Click "Downloads" on this page:

    Now download & install "IMGBurn" from here:

    Use "IMGBurn" to create a CD from the SeaTools ISO file, then boot your problem PC with it & SeaTools will eventually open. Tick the drive to be tested, then click "Basic Tests" and choose "Short test". If the drive passes that test, double-check by using the more thorough "Long test".

    If either test says "failed" you need a new hard drive.

    Note: you can test any brand of drive with SeaTools, not just Seagate/Maxtor drives.
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