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Hi, I'm thinking of buying 2 gtx 460 1gig to sli in my setup. I'm running a core i5 right now overclocked to 3.6gHz, 4 gigs of ram, and 3 hard drives. The power supply I have currently is:

Output +3.3V@25A, +5V@25A, +12V1@24A, +12V2@24A,, -12V@0.5A, +5VSB@2.0A

The gtx460 says it needs 24 A from a 12V rail, but I looked at the requirements for the 8800gt, which I currently have in sli and it says 26A required on one page and my computer runs fine. So will be power supply be able to handle adding 2 more 6 pin connectors and running gtx460 in sli?
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  1. Please the customer reviews of the PSU you linked before you buy. You would probably be happier with one of these.
  2. That wasn't my question. I own that power supply and didn't see a review that explicitly said it could handle two gtx460 so I wanted to ask on the forum if it could. I know it handles up to 9800gt sli fine and was wondering if there would be a huge difference. Or is the amperage on the 12 V rails too low?
  3. Sorry. I couldn't find the amps requirement, nvidia says you need 160W per card. Guru3d's review says you'll need 700W to SLI two gtx 460s, so you should be good.
  4. I wouldn't try it. First, its a raidmax. They aren't known for great PSUs. Second, can you see in the pics that little red switch in the back? That means it has no PFC, which says its of an older design. Last, looking at the label you have no way of knowing how much power is really available on the 12V rails. You can't just add those two 24A numbers together. The source feeding them might not be able to supply 24A to both rails at the same time. The GTX460 while better then the other GTX cards needs more power then the 88/9800GT. I wouldn't try to run them on an older PSU.
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