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Recently my MSI 4890 was damaged when I was moving. It was still in the motherboard when I was moving and now it can't play any games without locking up my comp with artifacts and most times I can't even get into windows. I was thinking of trying to get an RMA but they charge an extra $45 for handling fees. I figure that monay would be better spent towards a DX11 card.

I am willing to spend up to $250 on another ATI card and was wondering what would be the best possible bang for my buck. I am an avid gamer and my monitor's native res is 1920 x 1080. My 4890 worked great but now it is fubar. Any infor would be great.

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  1. ok the best choice would be a 5850 its great for gaming at 1920X1080

    but its around 300$ get it if you can

    or a 5830 would do but wont give performance upto 4890

    a 5830 with twincoolers costs 239$
  2. What is the system specs on the rest of your computer?

    CPU? PSU? Length of your computer case? etc
  3. if he had a 4890 he could accomidate even a 5870
  4. Ok I have a Coolermaster HAF 932 with a I7 2.66 gHz cpu. I have a 750 watt 80+ PSU.

    Your replys are helpful. I have a question. Would it be better to get say one 5830 or two 5770's in xfire.
  5. 2x HD5770 in xfire.

    Though you'd rather get an HD5850 now and CF it later.
  6. Well what type of damage did your 4890 suffer? Loss of smd caps or resistors if so they can be soldered back on if you can find them.

    I don't recommend a 5830 while a 5770 in crossfire will hold their own but you might as well buy a single 5850 and count it as an upgrade rather than a replacement.
  7. I am still not sure what damage has occured. To look at the card and the motherboard they both seem fine. I have tried different pci-e slots and while one has less artifacts than the other, until I put in a card that I know is working I won't be sure. Gonna take it to a little computer shop in town and see if they can figure out what has occurred.
    As far as I can tell the card might have vibrated in its pci-e slot and damaged the gpu. As the other slot had nothing in it and when I move the card to it, the artifacts will still occur just not as quickly or not until I start a graphics heavy program. I am hoping to find out today just what is happening.
    Thanks for all the suggestions and if you have any ideas I would like to hear them.
  8. Has the card seen very heavy use prior to the rebuild? As for vibrating it is unusual to cards to pop out of the slots except on vintage computers but on modern it shouldn't happen unless the case was warped. Was the pc along with every thing else subjected to extreme heat while moving like 30-40c+ or sat in storage?
  9. $45 seems rather high for S&H on an MSI product RMA. I RMA'd a motherboard and it only cost me $10 to ship it to MSI's HQ in California via Fed-Ex. Are you outside the US or something?
  10. Nope. No extreme heat. If anything it would have been quite cool. As for the case it is brand new last september and just sat in my room playing games. It seen some decent use but nothing would overheat it or anything. I think the higest temp it reached might have been the low 50's and that was playing Crysis maxxed out. I took it out of the box and heated it to room temp for a few days prior to turning it on so there was no condensation.

    I live in Canada and when I looked at there warrenty info it was stating $45 dollars for handling. I will have to send them an e-mail and ask them what they could do for me.

    I had to drive around 1900km to get to where I was moving and I am thinking even though the case was in the box it arrived in with all the styro foam it might have vibarated on the drive.
  11. No wonder the exorbitant RMA fee, Canada is known for high prices except for name brand and generic medications which are dirt cheap compared to here in the US. In my state people go into Mexico for their meds. :o

    Do you have any spare cards to test rule out the board being a contributing issue?
  12. I am currently getting it tested at a little shop in town. Hope to know sometime tonight just what is happening.

    The help and suggestions are great, keep em coming.
  13. The HD5830 is the most similar in performance to the HD4890 but it is quite overpriced imo. If you are willing to spend enough to get 2 HD5770s then just get an HD5850 and OC the hell out of it. It's the better choice.
    Also you should RMA the HD4890 even if you are getting a different card instead. You can surely sell it for much more than the $45 on Ebay which could help fund an HD5850.
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    ^ totally agree. $45 for a replacement that should easily sell for at least $100-$150. Regardless of the shipping fee, I'd rather spend $45 on a replacement than spend $230-$300 for a new one.

    MSI's warranty coverage states:
    3. You must pay shipping charges for all shipments from you to MSI.

    • Ship your returned product(s) to MSI using the carrier of your choice. We suggest that you select a method with ability to trace shipment. MSI is not responsible for shipments for which the carrier cannot provide proof of delivery.
    • If your product is under warranty, MSI will pay for shipment of repair/replacement products from MSI to you via UPS or Fed-x Ground Service.
    • You must pay all applicable duties and customs charges for shipments to and from MSI.
    • MSI is not responsible for loss or damage during shipment. We suggest that you purchase freight insurance on your shipments.
    • NO COLLECT SHIPMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED without prior authorization from MSI. Shipments arriving at MSI with charges due are subject to being returned (un-repaired) with all charges, including return expenses, due and payable by the originator.

    So, you're responsible for shipping a defective item to them, whereas they're responsible for returning it to you. As long as you used a dependable carrier like UPS, Fed-Ex, or DHL, you should be fine. I suggest you contact the carriers directly for a price quote. I find it absurd MSI even gave you a price when they're not supposed to be involved in getting the product to them. I'd be surprised if you actually had to pay $35 more than we do in the US just to get it across the border...

    MSI General Warranty
  15. Thanks for the info RazberyBandit. I will definitely contact a courier.

    I also have found out my card is completely shot. To look at it you would think it is perfect. I will RMA the card back to MSI and then sell it but I am going to go upgrade to a 5850.

    Best price I have found so far. Usually I shop at but has the better price.

    Does ATI still offer the trade up program? I was looking at the site briefly today but didn't see any info on it.
  16. No, there's no trade-up program anymore. ATI only offered trade-up on cards they actually manufactured, but they don't manufacture cards anymore.

    Have you tried DirectCanada or CanadaComputers? The few times I've looked for items for Canadian people, DC and CC had equal or better prices than both NCIX and

    I have ordered this card. The XFX sold out today. Hope to have it by next week. Can't wait to get my computer up and running again.
  18. Limper said:

    I have ordered this card. The XFX sold out today. Hope to have it by next week. Can't wait to get my computer up and running again.

    Good choice, be sure to keep it clean. Casual use once every three months while heavy use once a month. The VRM looks to be well cooled except for the choke coils but over all you bought a good quality card aside from drivers.
  19. Inside my Haf932 it will be kept cool.

    Thanks everyone for help or advice. Will update when the RMA is happening.

    They checked the card out for me and discovered that some of the RAM was bad. Should be able to RMA it easily but my luck didn't improve much, as I was putting th comp in my car the GPU in the static bag fell and bent the metal on the back of the card which is used to secure it. Going to try and straighten it out before i send it in. The rest of it looks fine.
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