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I have a computer that was built 8 years or so ago with Windows XP (service pack 3).
I recently bought a new wireless network adapter to connect to the internet. I cannot install the drivers for the USB as my computer cannot detect that the adapter has been plugged in. I have already tried the following

1. Trying the adapter on another computer and it instantly recognises new hardware found.
2. Tried installing the driver for the adapter direct from the web site but the software prompts me to insert the adapter.
3. Looked in the device manager and there is no yellow triangles anywhere.
4. Kicked the machine and then apologised.

Thank you for your time :-) Samantha
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  1. "Tried installing the driver for the adapter direct from the web site but the software prompts me to insert the adapter"

    That is what the driver software is supposed to do. You must not plug the adapter in until the driver setup tells you to.

    That applies to all makes and models of USB wireless adapters.
  2. Thanks for the info
  3. Hi there,
    Just thought I'd reply just incase anyone stumbles across this post in future and says...."so did you mend it and how?". My computer is now connected through the wireless adapter and all I did was go through what "Help and Support" advised me to do regarding a USB Device Not Working in Start>Help and Support. Not sure what I did to be honest as all I seem to have done is check in Device Manager to see if everything is working.
  4. This waqs very similar to my issue with a Compq Armada E500. I solved it by going to the D-Link wireless adapter site and downloaded the older version of the driverts for MS 2000 and MS XP. Great news that you got it solved. Good work
    Ed Pinero
  5. Thank you for the reply Ed.

    I jumped the gun a little bit and the wireless USB adapter isn't working again.

    In the device manager it is listed as an unknown device
    It also says in the Unknown Device Properties>General>No drivers are installed for this device.

    I have been through the Troubleshooter and it comes up with nothing.

    When I got the wireless USB adapter to work the other day I kept Uninstalling the Unknown Device in the Device Manager then plugging the USB back in and the computer eventually seemed to find it thought the Utility Software I have downloaded from the products website.

    The drivers are installed it so I'm a bit stuck now as to what to do?? If anyone has any suggestions that would be great. Thank you :-)
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