Another Crossfire Power Requirement Question

I have a Corsair 850TX, can I safely run two 5830's or 5850's in XFire (2 cards crossfired)?

My Setup So Far:
Case: Antec 900 II (5 120mm Fans) (1 200mm Fan)
Mobo: ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 AM3 AMD 890GX SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 HDMI ATX AMD Motherboard
CPU / Cooling: Deneb Black 965 (140w),
DIMM's: GSkill DDR3 1600 8gb latency 8
Storage: Velociraptor 300gb Sata3 10,000rpm (Operating) Samsung 1tb 7200 (storage)
ASUS Blue Ray / DVD Player

Checking Toms Charts I see:
5830's max draw 278-283
5850's max draw 277-282 (lets build in a 5 watt variable)

I would assume (which is probably a terrible idea) that if I had two of these cards XFire it would take a WHOLE lot of geometry to load both cards. That being said I will assume again that my average draw in a regular gaming environment might be 180-200 per card for a total of 360-400
That would seem safe.

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  1. Yes it will run fine. The TX850 is a high quality PSU if you Xfire two of these you will be fine it could probably run two 5870s too.
  2. thanks user. Glad i didn't buy the cheap ass PSU i was lookin at.. Iwin was the brand.
  3. Good choice going with a good brand like Corsair.
  4. System Requirements 500 Watt or greater power supply with 2x 75W 6-pin PCI Express power connector recommended (600 Watt and four 6-pin connectors for ATI CrossFireX Technology in dual mode)

    That's from a 5850 from Sapphire.
  5. Say if your happy you can always press the SELECT AS BEST ANSWER BUTTON I would really appreciate that. HEHEHE (joking but if you want you can it show the thread as solved). Yeah like I said before it's safe I think you could but a third one even.
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    Thanks for the welcome.
  9. It's showing for me a well at least I helped you.
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