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I've decided I'm going to buy a hdtv mainly as a computer monitor(which i'll be playing games with) and secondly for tv. Here's the tv I plan on getting http://www.frys.com/product/6179429 which is on sale for $600. It has a pc input and everything. So my question is if I were to get a more expensive tv with 120hz or 240hz would it make a difference? From what I understand is that a computer cannot go past 60hz, or if it does it will cause input lag? Also how will playing games on on a tv look and feel? Does anyone have a setup like this that can tell me more about it? If you do not believe this TV is good for pc gaming please let me know.


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  1. i've got my new PC running on MY new Vizio sv422xvt and it is nice, and i've been playing bad company 2 and it with no probs but im running my pc through an hdmi cable
  2. Actually for HDTV with 120HZ/240HZ scan you need to set the digital Inputs(HDMI) to PC_mode. Each specific brand have different terminologies for it.

    The 120HZ/240HZ are interpolation of 60HZ regular video to improve the quality of the image. For PC it results to blurring of text.

    Take note of it. Other than that it should work fine. Also HDTV is limited to 1080P. LCD 27 inch or 30 inch have higher resolution.

    Its your choice

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