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I am in need of a recommendation of a graphics card for my new system build. I can't decide exactly what to get. I am building a Core i5-750 system with this Mobo: and this monitor: (Everything but the monitor isn't set in stone yet though)

My budget is anywhere between $150 and $300 but the lower the better of course :)

My high graphics uses will consist of a little gaming, although not a ton as of now because I have an Xbox; some photo editing, watching videos, maybe recording tv if i get a tuner, and just the general program usage.

I'm open to any suggestions- either ATI or Nvidia.

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  1. I am also not opposed to spending a tab bit more so I do not have to upgrade in a year.
  2. Just a bit more than your budget;

    Learn to overclock this; you will have performance over $500 worth.
  3. Well by more I mean from say $170 to $250 or so. Do you think I really need a 5850 or so for what I am doing with it?
  4. Well what games constitutes as "Little Gaming," ? The HD5850 will last you quite some time.

    Though if you're not heavily gaming, just grab an HD5770 Sapphire Vapor-X. It'll be cool, quiet, and it'll run nicely.
  5. Well I have an xbox 360 which means I am not much into PC gaming as of now. I do play a little Age of Empires 2 but that is old school. I guess I would just like to be able to run Modern Warfare 2 or something of the sort if I so choose at the resolution of my monitor (1920x1080)
  6. You'll definitely want to get an HD5850. 1920x1080 is a demanding resolution for games, and you'll want a good card.
  7. But this says the 5770 gives good performance for 1900x1200:,2598-3.html
  8. It's alright, but it'll struggle. As long as you don't care about Crysis/Metro 2033, and you don't care about anti-aliasing, you'll be good.
  9. No I don't play those games. What is anti-aliasing?
  10. cvb5858 said:
    No I don't play those games. What is anti-aliasing?

    Anti-aliasing is the process by which the graphics card smooths the edges of 3d objects, causing less pixellation. It blends the colors to create a nice smooth edge.

    By the way, a 5770 will be fine for mw2.
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    Just go for the regular version. There's no reason to pay someone else to OC your video card for you. You can do it yourself easily and with better results.
    That card is a good choice but I'd probably go for the Sapphire card for the same price or the HIS for $5 less.
  12. Why the sapphire? I saw that XFX had a lifetime warranty
  13. Sapphire has better cooling usually.

    If you know how to overclock, forego everything else and get the MSI HAWK edition.
  14. They are generally considered to be a bit better brand and they don't bin their cards which may theoretically get you one that overclocks better(kind of doubt this is actually the case but you never know.)
    As for the warranty I believe the Sapphire is 3 years and that is probably beyond the useful life of the card anyway.
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