NEW SYSTEM 4 GAMING looking for suggestions and HELP!

Hello, I have pieced together a rudementary build for my gaming needs, my main priority is to keep the budget tight and squeeze as much as I can out of it.

I live in the UK, unfortunately means I pay more than you yanks, sucks for me but oh well. SO the websites I will be using are

I need suggestions, alternatives, tell me if this will work. I left some ntoes where I dont qutie understand things too well.

All Prices with VAT.

Asus M4A79XTD EVO 790X Socket AM3 8 channel audio ATX

790x Chipset, AM3, I believe in the same price range, 785g, 770 chipsets, the one that I picked is superior for gaming. £85.90

NZXT Gamma Black Mid Tower Case

Not really known, I was suggested this case because of good airflow, and available space for my MoBo (Hope it fits) also the relatively low price. £35.50

Kingston 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 1600MHz/PC3-12800 HyperX Memory Kit CL9(9-9-9-27)

Relatively cheap and maches my motherboard's speeds of 1600Mh, however it should be noted that in my motherboard specs it shows it can be done with 1800Mh (o.C) if you know how this is done or what it involves, please let me know. £95

Arctic Power 500W PSU With PCI-E 2x SATA, 20+4 ATX12V 8pin +12V Connectors

Have little/none clue about PSU's I understand higher end cards and mobos needs more wattage but goodness knows about the pins and voltage, please explain if this will be enough to power my system. I am looking to add a medium/high end GFX in the future, possible even Crossfire. £28.13

AMD Phenom II X2 550 Black Edition 3.1GHz 6MB L3 Cache Socket AM3 Retail Boxed Processor

I had picked this CPU because of the reasonable price range, and the performance it offers. I have also read that combined with my MoBo I could use virtualization to unlock 2 cores, making this a quad core? I dont think ill be attempting that but any insight is appreciated. Alternatives are also taken into account, but dont forget money is tight. £70.73

HDD - 250GB SATA, keyboard, PnP Monitor, Optical Drive included from my old computer, also ATI Sapphire 3600 Series )512mb) PCI-E GFX which will be upgraded later. Will be running Windows Vista from my old hardrive. Interesting thing is if I can use my old HDD with 32 bit vista on the new processor or if I can force Vista tp upgrade or suming, help appreciated.

TOTAL: £315 which is around 600 Bucks give or take. I guess I could go as far as £350 if there is a better alternative

I will need Suggestions for a good powerfull/cheap graphics card.

This will be my first homebuilt system, so I am open to suggestions.
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  1. It's a fairly good list for a budget build. Arctic Power made a good 500W PSU... let me check to make sure...

    No, that was the 550 Fusion. This one won't do.
    This OCZ500SXS is about the best deal I could find for you on ebuyer:

    On the RAM, you don't need 1600Mhz. That's all hype. You processor has an onboard memory controller that can't officially handle more than 1333mhz anyway. get 1333 CL7 and it will be faster than 1600 CL9, especially on an AMD rig.
    (Isn't Kingston owned by Brits?)

    You can save a bit on this Gigabyte board, that has newer features like USB 3.0

    Give me a budget range for your GPU and monitor resolution and I'll point you at a card.
  2. Hello Sir, thanks for your reply.

    I will be sticking to the original MB because the extra features, although nice, arent really nessesary for my cause. Besides that I believe the 790x chipset is superior to the earlier 770. Also because the 790x supports crissfire which is anoption id like to keep open in the future.

    However your views on RAM and PSU are very interesting. COuld you explaint he difference, and perhaps why the PSU you mentioned is better than the Arctic Power that I linked?

    Also, on the Motherboard specification it states that speeds of 1800Mhz can be achieved whilst overlocked, but speeds of 1600, 1333 are supported. Are you sure that getting 1333 ram is better? I am a bit confused about the voltages on RAM I assume higher voltage means less latency, if that is the case, how could I tell which voltage the DIMM ports on my MoBo support?

    As for my GPU, monitor resolution I am looking at above 1600x1200 resolution, I am not sure about the price range however.
  3. Anyone else can suggest a PSU?

    Is this a good deal for a PSU? I probably wont need 800 watts but meh its cheap and I might do overclocking/Crossfire so it would be useful?
  5. You need a quality PSU, not one that will destroy your parts or make your system unstable. Not many understand the importance of a PSU. If you would like an education you can follow the link in my signature, which will also lead you to a large list to choose from.

    The OCZ is recommended because it's been rigorously tested. The Arctic Fusion has not been, and is likely not a good choice. There are two times when you should completely ignore user reviews: Motherboards and power supplies. Most people have no idea what makes a good PSU.

    I checked Dabs and OC UK, and that's still the best deal on a PSU I could find. Get the OCZ or the Corsair 450VX.

    More voltage on RAM is never better, and has nothing to do with speed. The frequency of the RAM, for instance 1600Mhz, is a factor, but a small one. A slightly larger factor is the latency 1333Mhz CL7 RAM will always be faster than 1600Mhz CL9. None of this will make a huge difference in your computer speed (that you can perceive) but if the cost is minimal you can gain a small bit.

    If you need to drive a very large LCD monitor, then you will need a fairly strong card. I suggest the 5850, but I think that's out of your price range. If you get a 22" monitor with a res of 1680x1050, then a 5770, or 4890 would do fine.
  6. Thanks for the reply.

    I oredered this PSU: 650 Watt, 52 amps on 12 v rail, 25 amp on 5v and 3.3v.

    Do you think i made the right choice?

    As for the GPU, ill be getting 5770 most likely.
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