Ati radeon hd 5750 on a 400 watt psu?

i am looking to upgrade my pc

currently my system is
intel core i5-650, 8gb ddr3
nvidia geforce gt220
300 watt psu

i am planning to upgrade to corsair 400watt psu to run a better video card

I would like to ask before i buy will that psu be able to run ati radeon hd 5750 gpu?
if not are there any good alternatives to the 5750 that can run on 400 watt psu

thank you
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  1. No question, a Corsair 400W would have no issue with that build (including the 5750). Plenty of headroom.
  2. If you are going to upgrade your PSU you might as well go for a 500-600 watt so you have some head room.
  3. Get an HD5770 instead; it doesn't cost much more than the 5750, and it's got much better performance. Both cards will work just fine, hell, an HD5850 would work (pushing it though).
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    Excellent choice for PSU, unless you plan on buying a 2nd GPU for xfire downstream.
    Wife's build - i3-540, ATI 5670 and the corsair 400 W PSU. My system - i5-750 w/5770 GPU. Your max power will be under 300 W with a single CPU.

    Would concur with shadow187 that a 5770 would be a better choice.

    If you think you might xfire two 5770s later (Depends on games you play and your satisfaction with thoes games), then I would recommend a 500 ->550 W PSU. Ideally you would want the PSU at 60 -> 75% loaded when GPU is loaded. A 2nd 5770 would jump your power consumption from about 290 W to 390 W which would be too close to max 400 W.

    Your system (w/single GPU) will only draw about 100 W for reading emails, surfing the web, general usage and only approach the 300 Watts while at max load. At idle = 25% - Good and 75 % at full load (w/5770) - also good. You will have enough headroom to move up to a single 5870 GPU with the Corsair 400 W.
  5. thankyou all for response
    what is difference in performance between 5750 and 5770?
  6. Go down to the 5770/5750 reviews on this page. Should be plenty of info to help with your decision:
  7. ive decided to get the hd 5770
    thankyou again for assistance
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