Is 120GB enough for WoW and OS?? Help!

Ok so I know i really want a SSD, but the problem is I dont have enough money to spend on another 500gb HDD for backup n stuff. Will 120G be enough to hold me over for a month? I just need to install drivers for my components and Wow with all the expansions. And Windows 7 Home Premium. Thanks.
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  1. A 120GB drive formatted is 111.6. A Windows 7 install with all Service Packs and updates is 20GB. So you will have around 91.6GB of free space left to install the rest of your programs and games.

    Go to some WoW forums to see how large WoW and its expansion packs are.
  2. I seem to be getting a lot of conflicting information.
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  4. Nice thanks man.
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