CPU and PCH Max Permissible Temps

Hi everyone,

I have a new GA-P55A-UD7 motherboard with an i7 875K unlocked CPU and P55 Express PCH "chipset", that I plan to overclock. The MB has nice temp probe sensors for the CPU, PCH, Sys Board, and DRAM, if I could only locate the component temp limits to use.

The older spec sheets used to list the "Tc" (Max Processor Case Temperature), maximum safe CPU and chipsest temperature that could safely be tolerated by the chips.

I can't find that information listed anywhere, and all Intel "Live Chat" could do was give me the 95 Watt TCP power output.

Anyone know where to find the safe temperature limits for the i7 CPU's and PCH chips? They used to even show a graph relating wattage and temperature with the safe cutoff limits, but no such item in the CPU Instruction booklett now.

Appreciate anyone's sage words of advice.
John VK
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