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would I get reasonable fps,say 55fps when all settings are maxed out in any game
in this system configuration:-
Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition processor, gigabyte ga-890gpa-ud3h motherboard,a Corsair 1333mhz 4gb RAM kit(TW3X4G1333C9DHX),On windows 7 ultimate 64bit, a sapphire radeon hd5850 Toxic, and Dell monitor with 1080x1024 resolution @60hz?
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  1. 1280x1024? You are kidding right? My 4850 can max many titles, a 4870 would be able to max just about anything at that resolution. A 5850 is wasted on anything under 1680x1050, you will be getting closer to 80 FPS in most titles, and with a 60Hz monitor anything over 60 doesnt matter. You probably want to ballance your build out a bit better, for pure gaming a PII 955 will do better than a 1090T and should free up enough of the budget for a better monitor which will let you make the most of your 5850.
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