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Physical and Logical Cores: Setting affinities?

I am trying to figure out when using two physical cores with two logical HT cores how are they designated in Task Manager (XP)?
They are listed as CPU 0,1,2,3.
If I got it right 0 and 2 are physical processor number one with secondary HT logical processor.
And 1 and 3 are physical processor two with secondary HT logical processor.
I want to make sure this right since I am using FFMpeg to encode using two threads and just want to use one CPU.
I use task manager though I have tried SeeSaw to control affinities also.
Any thoughts would be appreciated
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    From my understanding 1 physical core is just seen as 2 logical cores within windows, it's not 1 physical and 1 logical. Setting affinity, you should see the same performance regardless of what 2 threads you select.
  2. I have a dual xeon rig where each cpu is has hyperthreading.
    So there is two physical cores with two logical.
    DVD Flick is mutithreaded when it runs FFMpeg to encode.
    So I wanted the two threads the encoder is running to run on one of the
    physical processors (1 cpu w/ HT) thereby leaving me the other physical processor to handle other
    Basically I want to force the threads to run on one cpu leaving the other one free.
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