E8400 for Starcraft 2?

My system

Video - EVGA 465gtx 1gb (Will be here friday so I haven't tested)
4GB Ram
EVGA Nforce 750i SLI FTW
CPU - E8400 dual core 3ghz cpu stock speed
Corsair 650wt psu

Now is it worth upgrading to a different cpu or will this run it at ultra at 1440x900 res without a hitch? I don't think I can get much better with my mb so then I would have to get a new mb, ram and cpu.

What do you guys think of this system? Should I oc? Upgrade? Thanks!
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  1. I think you could be happy with the E8400 @ ~3.6-3.8Ghz.
    You might as well overclock and test for yourself.
  2. SC2 primarily uses 2 threads, there are gains from additional cores but their very small gains. The game really likes high clock speeds, so I would recommend overclocking.
  3. when I look at my cpu usage for SC2, it shows about 20-30% spread across 4 cores. it should run just fine on a dual core as that what its target was
  4. GTX465...ouch

    If you can, see if you can return it for the cheaper GTX460. It performs better too.

    But yes, a fast dual core runs SC2 perfectly.
  5. Been reading about the gtx465 and I agree. I am calling evga tomorrow and going to see if I can get it traded. Thing is I had a 20% off coupon I used on the 465 so I ended up getting it for $215 plus a $25 mail in rebate. Not sure what they are going to be able to do for me since it already shipped.

    Maybe my best bet is to just upgrade to a 470 in about 2 months through the evga step up program?
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