120mm Case Fan Bolts?

Hi everyone.

I just received my new computer parts and have a question about the 120mm Cooler Master case fans I got.
I bought 2 fans and for one, I've installed it at the front but it requires what I assume would be bolts to go through both holes . What size bolts should I use and could I find them on newegg.ca or DirectCanada?

Cooler Master Fans
The fans are 120x120x25
LOGISYS Area 51 computer case

Would the fan be better placed on the bottom of the case instead?
I currently have the first 120mm at the back for exhaust, an 80mm intake on the side and the other 120 at the front.

Thanks =)
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  1. Bump =)
  2. If I understand you correctly you shouldnt be using bolts at all...
    fans should attach to your case using some thick and quite coarsely threaded screws, look at how your other case fans are affixed, take one off and see, then you may see.

  3. I used that type of screw for the exhaust fan but the screws don't tighten in the holes at the front, so the fan is really loose but wont fall because it's being held loosely in place by the drive bay racking.
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