Help! Display problems on BenQ Joybook u101 (Win7)

Hello, I am having a killer time with installing windows 7 on a Joybook U101.

First specs:

1200x576 monitor
windows 7 ultimate
Video: GMA 950

As soon as I booted into the freshly installed windows 7, the problem started.
There are currently horizonal lines all over my display. THey randomly change as I type or with any kind of input into the computer. I figured it must be a video card driver problem, so i have ensured that it is the correct and newest driver. The resolution is the same as when it was running winxp. My next guess was the bios needed to be updated, but I can't download the newest bios from BenQ's website (pswd protected ftp)

What do you think the problem is? Does anyone have a WORKING link for a firmware update? ANy suggestions or help would really be appreciated.

Thanks so much guys!
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  1. Does this happen with the power plugged in? or even when you're just on the battery?
  2. Both, when plugged in and on battery.

    I am really stumped here, but I need the computer for this weekend as I have a huge essay to finish.
  3. You'd better get it checked, cos it could also have a loose contact between the ribbon connecting the display to the motherboard..... or the cooling fans may have gotten clogged leading to a load on them causing the variation in current that might lead to this problem.
    Try to blow out the dust with a compressed can of air and see if it helps......
  4. THanks, Ill give it a try. I do think it may be a software problem as this happened AS SOON as I installed WIndows 7. COuld it be a driver/bios issue??
  5. ALso, it only starts happening when windows has loaded - not when the computer is loading up - nor in the bios. Still could be a heat issue, but I would think it would take time for it to overheat and show problems.
  6. Nope, very rare..... atleast not in Netbooks and laptops..... for customs rigs yes, this could happen, but never heard it happening with netbook and laptops...
  7. Yup, could happen due to overheating.....
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