Is there a 1600 RAM compatible with Athlon and Sandy Bridge?

If for example I have an Athlon II x4 640 and if I use an AM3 Asrock 890GX Extreme 3 motherboard, would I be able to use a dual channel 1600 RAM? Basically, what I want to do is buy a RAM right now, use it with an AMD rig with above processor and motherboard, and then use it for a sandy bridge rig I'll be building by the end of the year. Please tell me if this is possible and if it is, which dual channel ram can I use. I'll only be buying 4GB RAM (2 x 2GB) and I can also try to learn how to underclock the ram to 1333 if I have to, but I'd prefer if I can run it at stock speed.

Appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks!

P.S. - Sorry, I forgot to mention that I'll be getting a DDR3 RAM at 1600 stock speed, preferably G.Skill.
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  1. At the current prices, it's worth the risk of buying now. I haven't had any problems with gskill 1600 or kingston 1333 in my h55 boards. I always get ram rated at 1.5v. If possible, wait a few more days and see if you can pick your 1155 board now when more will be listed and go by the ram QVL listing for that board.
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