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Hello everyone,

Over the last three weeks or so my Samsung SM171P LCD monitor has started to emit a loud hiss and crackle from the built-in speakers when powered up. After a few minutes it slowly dies down to silence but it's getting louder and lasting longer every day.

It happens comes out of a period of standby more than half an hour as well If you turn it off then back on once it's warmed up it doesn't do it.

I have unplugged everything, taken it to another room and powered it up with nothing but the power connected and it still does it so I know it's not interference or a loose cable.

So it has to be an internal but I'm not the best with a soldering iron!

I'd appreciate it if anyone could give me any hints as to what might be causing this and sort of fault to look for if I decide to get inside it?

Thanks in advance, Chris
PS I know this isn't strictly graphics cards but it wouldn't allow me to submit without a sub-category so I had to pick one!
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  1. Do you use those inbuilt speakers for anything? Like listening to stuff?
    Cos' if you don't then just go to the OS Menu and mute it......
  2. Turn the volume down on the monitor and up on the pc.
  3. Unfortunately I do use the speakers but (and I should have said this before, apologies) muting the speakers, either with the OS or the control's on the monitor, turning the volume down, switching audio channels (it has four), none of that makes any difference whatsoever.

    Any other suggestions?
  4. Well, you'd better get it checked since the problem seems to be only in the monitor so you need a tech from samsung to check it over. I hope the warranty is still valid.
  5. It's ten years old!

    Well, out with the screwdrivers, I can at least disconnect the speakers, I suppose. Shame since they're hooked up to the satellite box for digital radio. I can work something else out I'm sure.

    And at least I'll be able to hear myself think.
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