First system build

I'm thinking about building a pc for around $1,200 max. I would like to go under this price but this would be max.

The monitor i was looking at was this

OS- Windows 7 Home Premium (180 for new, 100 for OEM. Which should i get? Is it complicated to set it up?)

I need everything that you would need to use a computer. I was looking at the i7 but the Phenom II x4 looks sweet too. I'd use it for gaming, music, internet, so on.

This is just for part suggestions..if you want to you guys could do one core i7 and a Phenom II x4 build to compare.

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    Hmm ok on the AM3 front @ $1161

    1. Triple CFable mobo
    3. 750Watter 80+
    4. HD 5970 capable case with good airflow
    5. HD 5850 with 23" Full HD
    6. Free HDMI cable wee~

    But ya i could easily tone some stuff down if u want even cheaper hehe

  2. If you could, I would love if you could tone it down a notch. I don't have to have the fastest processor, a 500gb hard drive (a 250 will be fine), a 750w ( i could use a 650w i think, slight chance of crossfire in future...).
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