Looking for an internal 1TB+ drive to be used for storage

I'm currently looking for a hard drive to be used primarily for storage. Currently, my plan is to use my SSD as a boot drive + high-demand / constantly used programs, my secondary drive for more programs as well as temporary files and browser caches, and this third drive for storage (videos and photos). It's most likely that it would not be used at all for programs of any kind. Any suggestions? Should I completely reject the notion of buying a "green" HDD? Preferably one on Amazon because someone recently gave me a giftcard that would end up being a small discount :) Thank you for any help!
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  1. I like newegg.com and ncix.com for online parts. If you are just using the drive as storage than save some money and a bit of power at the same time with a "green" drive. Just make sure you have an adequate backup solution in place. I think you can get the 2TB green drives for about $100. NCIX has a price matching feature during checkout so use your price comparison websites once you have selected a drive.

    edit: that deal above is not a good one, you should be looking for at least 1.5-2TB for $100-$120 price range.
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