CPU running very hot

I just installed I7 930, new motherboard, 6gb ram, and a nvidia 460 1gb and here are my temp results

Any clues to what I did wrong? Those temps are on idle.
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  1. those temps r horrible... r u sure u installed heat sink properly, and did u apply thermal paste? give us details......
  2. Well I used the thermal paste that was already on the heatsink... should I have bought a new one?

    I readjusted heatsink and now it's down to roughly 60 60 60 60 +- 3 for each.

    When I ran prime 95 it was up to 90 90 90 90 +- 2

    Will a new thermal paste help this?
  3. so now it's down to 60 good.. but for a 32 nm processor it's still a bad temp.... get urself a artic silver paste and appy it.. maybe that help..... and try to clean the case and check the airflow.. try running pc with cabinet's one side open....good luck.....
  4. Yea i think my airflow is pretty bad too I'm using all stock stuff.

    I have one fan in front blowing air in and then one fan in back as an exhaust.
  5. I have something similar to this on my motherboard which reads 42. Why does real temp say 60 when this says 42?

    The screenshow below isn't my pc, but mine is same and it shows 42.
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