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I got one question regarding the use of two different SSD's in raid 0. The one I have now is the Hyper X 120gb SSD, and now that the cheaper version: Hyper X 3K is out. I was wondering if these two (or multiple) will work fine in this array?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. The drives should be identical for best performance, but yes, they will work.

    If the drives are different sizes then the size of your RAID array will be twice the size of the smallest drive.

    There's no fault tolerance in RAID-0 so if one of your drives dies then you will lose all of your data.

    The TRIM command is not passed to drives that are in a RAID array so Log Off (not Shut Down) overnight once every other week or so to allow Garbage Collection to recover drive performance.

    You will get higher benchmark results with 2 drives in RAID-0 but you probably won't notice any real-world difference in performance than if you just used the 2 drives separately.
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