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hello everyone,
I am getting a good deal for Gainward gt 240. I'm not a hardcore gamer, and just using 1280*1024 resolution. currently have no graphics card, so was thinking to grab 1 of those. they are ddr3 1 gb memory- does it make a big difference ? should I go for this card?
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  1. Hello...

    What about the other specs?
  2. Check first if your PSU can handle the card. If you have 32bit OS you will only be able to use about 2.5GB RAM but you will see better performance with games. Don't expect to play the latest games smoothly on high settings with that card.
  3. I use 64 bit windows seven below is the specs
    core 2 duo 3 gigs
    4 gb ddr3
    400 watt psu

    should i go for this ddr3 card or look forward for ddr5 version or HD 5670 ?
    but as i said i'm getting a good deal with this ddr3 gt240 version, wanted to know whether it can handle most resource hungry games on medium quality at 1280*1024 resolution ?
  4. I've been researching those two cards you mention a bit...if you MUST buy the GT240 buy the GDDR5 version, 512mb should be fine for the lower resolutions, but you will probably not be able to run resource hungry game at high settings. Performance-wise the HD5670 is a better choice. If I was on a budget I would go for the 5750, it would run on a good 400W PSU. If you don't have a 6-pin PCI-express connector, then go for the 5670. It also depends on pricing obviously...
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    GT240 DDR3 will play games on medium settings at 1280*1024 . GT240 DDR5 and HD5670 will be able to handle the games on medium-high settings with that resulution.
  6. thanks guys, really appreciate your help....
    still confused ..... :(
    maybe i will go for HD 5670 ........ - not sure !
  7. Go for the HD5670, just make sure that your PSU can handle it (wattage + amps on the 12V rails).
  8. Okay, get HD 5670, you wouldn't need a lot power to run that card...
    Your PSU is just fine... :)
  9. thank you all ! I bought HD 5670 today and checked it working using some games on high quality... seems to be running pretty cool on my system..... !
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