Can my pc run crysis

Hello everyone...

my pc specs are...

windowsxp 32bit SP3

motherboard :d101ggc
intel pentium 4 630 2CPUs 3.2GHz
bus speed:228MHz

3GB DDR memory at 400MHz

ATI XPRESS 200 SERIES(overclocked)
ATI catalyst display driver
512mb of memory

soundcard is compatible with dx9.0c and I m having directx 10 after updating xp.

almost40GB free arddrive space.I can play half life 2 episode 2 at almost no lag at highest settings possible.

will I be able to play crysis as I played it with same specifications but 2 gb of RAM????

thanks in advance.
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  1. and also I wna pla it at 800x600 resolution with lowest possible settings.
  2. yes but a pretty choppy
  3. *facepalms*

    yes, at like, 640x480 on lowest settings?

    we have enough of these treads and anyone should know that pc is crap, honestly... i know not everyone can get a gtx470 or whatnot, but still... a 9600 gt wouldn't hurt.
  4. Have a look:

    This should tell you!!
  5. You probably can, but at 800x600 why would you want to?
  6. Its gona struggle!
  7. You already have a thread on this here:

    You may be able to run Crysis but not well, it will be adequate on low-medium settings at best. Upgrade your PC or play something older.
  8. You will ruin the game with that pc :)
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