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OCZ Vertex 4 - To update or not to update (Firmware)

Hello Community -

Just bought a brand spanking new OCZ V4 128GB SSD and I love it. After doing a clean install of Win 7 and finally getting all my folders/games/apps/programs installed/moved around, I found out that OCZ released a pretty big firmware update that seems to be quite substantial. (if only the guy at Microcenter told me to update firmware before installing windows!!!1!11!)

After researching the firmware update, I've found some conflicting reports -
----Some say it's a destructive flash, some don't.
----Some say it's a must-have update, some say it depends on what you use your SSDs for and how much data you will be storing on it.

I've also yet to find a good guide on how to update firmware. Any suggestions?

Lastly, I'm using the SSD as my boot drive and for storing the games I'm currently playing. Nothing more, nothing less. Currently I have around 65GB of data on it (Windows 7 Home, Office 2010, Steam [Skyrim, CoD4], Diablo 3, and League of Legends). All of my user folder contents are being directed to my HDD

TBH, if it truley is a destructive flash, I'm probably gonna let it slide and wait. If not, perhaps someone can tell me, link a guide on how to update the firmware.

Thanks for the comments in advance!
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    Firmware version 1.5 has speed increases and reliability/compatibility fixes.

    If you are satisfied with your drive then don't update the firmware.

    Here's the link to the firmware and the updating instructions which indicate if the firmware upgrade is destructive or not:
  2. Well, I'm now upgraded to Firmware 1.5 :wahoo:

    Their website said it wasn't destructive (as Dereck led me to) so I went ahead with it.

    All I did was boot into my HDD and download the OZCtoolbox (again thanks Dereck for the link)
    Run the toolbox until finished.
    Shut down for 5 mins
    Turned On/Booted into BIOS
    Changed boot priority back to SSD
    After log in, I got a quick prompt to restart for changes to take effect
    *******(this prompt took me by surprise and checked to see if I had Updates, but then realized it was from the firmware.....I think)****
    Restarted and checked the drive in device manager
    Firmware 1.5

    Thanks all
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