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Im using Win98 in both of my PC, suddenly I removed the "Dial-Up Adapter", can someone tell me what is "Dial-Up Adapter", why I cant install the "internet Connection Sharing" after I removed the "Dial-Up Adapter"?

Im rather confuse about how to set up both pc so I can share my internet connection to my 2nd PC...

I need a brief explanation bout it...
And why there's no any icon in my network neighbourhood, becoz I have installed the driver of the lan card in both of my PC, so my condition now is: 2 Land Card in my 1st PC (1 for the modem and 1 to connect to 2nd PC), and 1 land card in my 2nd PC(to connect to my 1st PC)

Thanks for the reply...
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  1. I haven't used win 98 in years so I don't remember much but I'll take a shot at it.
    You have to make the connection and get it going on the one computer with the modem. Then just rightclick on the connection and choose share, I think that is all you need to do to enable ICS (internet connection sharing). Then run through the internet connection wizard on the second computer's IE. Choose to get internet from another pc, from there I'm not sure what is in the wizard but that should get you on the right track.

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