Western Digital Blue vs Black

I'm looking at Western Digital Hard drives and Im building a gaming computer.

1. Difference between Caviar Blue and Black
2. Worth the extra $20?
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  1. Black has a longer warranty (5 yrs. instead of 3) and has a slight performance gain over blue.
  2. But Do you really think its worth $20 more?
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    For the extra 2 years of warranty, yes. I use black edition in all gaming computers. For stuff like web surfing and checking email, blue is fine.

    In the end, it's your money, so pick whichever is economically correct for your situation. If you give this post some time, I'm sure others may comment.
  4. If you think of the question as a comparison between a WDBlack and another (1tb) drive that is $20 less, you have a lot more choices, some of which may be better for you than the WDBlue.
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