Sapphire vapor HD5770 1gb ddr5

Hi here's my story

i bought a vapor x hd5770 last march 15 then after 15 days it got some artifacts and garbage display in-game
so i rma it and waited for 2 weeks to get a new one then after 10 days the new card got artifacts as well after 2 hours of playing assassin's creed 2 so i tried to reinstall the driver, use the driver that came with it and even unplug and replug the card but still the same problem so i rma it again and still waiting for the card

my question is, is the card really defective or there's a problem with my rig

here's my specs when i bought the card

Motherboard: g31-s2l
PSU: tacens supero 500w
processor: e6700
Memory: kingston 2gb ddr2 667
Monitor: LG 22" wide screen lcd

and here's my new rig that i used when i got the card after i rma it for the first time

Motherboard: gigabyte g45-ud2h
PSU: tacens supero 500w
processor: e8200
Memory: geil 4gb (2x2gb) ddr2 800
UPS: APC 550va
Monitor: LG 22" wide screen lcd

by the way my room temp is 35C

whats seems to be the problem with my rig or the card is it defective when i bought it? as well as when i got it from rma?

thank you in advance
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  1. Post voltages and temperatures during load with HW-monitor.
  2. @ zipzoomflyhigh

    actually its an old computer about 2 years ago the e8200 is my friends processor cause im waiting for my brother's q9400 the g45 board is my brother also so definitely i didnt buy anything aside from the video card itself

    @ Bluescreendeath

    as i can remember the temp of the card goes up to 74C @ 100% load that time before it happened im thinking of the PSU as well but the v12 has 18A i believe it can handle a 5770 vapor x

    what do you think?
  3. here's my temp and voltage but the gpu isnt there yet

  4. Hi,

    I have a similar problem with a 5770 Sapphire Vapor X OC card, and here is how i managed to fix it:

    (My problem is related only to 3D apps - games, not 2D apps or video rendering)

    After consulting tons of forum posts, i finally discovered that the issue was related to the fact that my video card was set in PCI-E x8 mode, not x16 as it is required.

    It was actually a motherboard installation issue, i am using an AsRock ALIVE xfire R3.0 and i didn't install the PCI-E switch slot card which enabled x16 usage for the video card.

    So all this time i was angry at my 5770 i actually had no reason, not with the x16 setup correctly performed, i have no issues whatsoever.

    So bottom line, if you experience artefact / freeze issues, make sure your video card is running in PCI-E x16 mode !

    Hope this helps,
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