My Facebook issue is concerning a missing account .When accessing my Facebook account it came to my attention that there is only the top bar that shows your options Friends requests search etc. The rest of the screen is Blank, Everything looks as it has been erased. When clicking on the options above "Nothing happens There is no section to login or log out. The help, Security Privacy links are not showing The only option availabe is "ADD FRIENDS" when I proceed to do this ,a list of photo's names appear. That's it.I cannot access ny links Everything is gone. I must have been already logged in becuse the home page came up I have no idea what happened.and did not change anything. How can I have a partial Facebook page(top bar) and have the rest a Blank White Page?(5 days)
Acer Notebook IE-8 Windows XP.Everything is Gone!!
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  1. Go to the IE options and delete all temp files. Close and open the browser again see if that fixed it. If not, go to the Facebook page and hit Ctl + F5 keys.
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