New build with RAID0 4to5 TB of fast drives

I am looking at building a new system for saving HD Video and playback, live streaming. no editing as such. Need advise on RAID controller/Drives/MB/RAM/VIDEO, will use Windows 2008 server or W7. No real budget as such. Thanks in advance
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  1. Not sure I would use raid 0 for multimedia. If you lose a drive, you'll lose everything. But that is your choice.
    There are drives specifically for multimedia use, CPU magazine used these in a recent HTPC build:

    Here is the article, its a nice build. Page 46:

    They are affordable 2 Tb drives. You may wish to research NAS enclosures as part of a media file server. It may be possible to set up a raid 0 in an NAS that would have some redundancy for drive failure, but I have no experience with that.

    For streaming video, your bottleneck is likely to be your wireless network so I would look at high speed routers and adapters to sink some money into.
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