hi, all looking for some info please, have a dell latitude d830 with a chip intel core duo cpu t7250 @2.00ghz, i have 2 spare chips, these are (e816b027 slb3r aw80577p8400 2.26/3m/1066) and (lf80537 t2370 7813a857 sla4j 1.73/1m/533.) would any of these two cpu's fit. would appreciate any advice please
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    The t7350 would be a downgrade, not an upgrade.

    The p8400 would be a good upgrade, but it is impossible to know if it will work with your computer except by trial and error. Even if the chipset supports it, the bios might not. Even if the bios does, the laptop might not be able to handle the extra heat.

    However, because the laptop originally could ship with up to a t9500, it is very likely that you could upgrade to the p8400 with no problems:
  2. gave it a try with the p8400 but only thing that happened was the power light flashing, thanks for the info anyway
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