Which ATI card should i get?

I have decided not to buy anything cheaper than the 4850, because of my needs. My price limit is 100-200 dollars. It needs to work with only 3 GB of ram on my PC for now, because i haven't gotten the new ram yet. Here are my requirements for a new ATI card:

Maxed out all settings on world of Warcraft,

Maxed out Sims 3,

HD Bluray playback that looks good,

Flight Sim 10 maxed out,

Two to three monitors without lagging (i can download then watch videos on one scree while gaming),

Plays most modern games maxed out (call of duty, Halo, and other games),

can play Crysis on high settings,

and will not bottleneck to bad with my GB of ram and my 2.7 GHz dual core CPU (i get my 8GB of 800 MHz ram in December).

Please recommend the best cards in my price range. I have just purchased a LS 500 power supply from Ultra.

Thank You for any help you can give.
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  1. An HD5770 HAWK edition massively overclocked is the absolute best you can hope for.
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