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Hello to everyone. First of all sorry for may poor english.
I want to upgrade my old system. I have q6600 G0 (stock), 4gigs of ddr2 (800mhz), MSI GF9600 1gb zalman and 500w power suply.
I want new mother board because my ****ing intel does not overclock CPU, and i think i need new GPU and ofcourse new power suply.
What new parts you can recommend for me? Maybe something from new GF 4xx series ? Can Overclocked CPU handle that ?
Thanks for your answers.
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  1. If you dun do any rendering/encoding then your cheapest upgrade would be

    P45 chipset
    600W 80+ certified with active PFC PSU
    After market HSF and clock that Q6600
    HD 5850?
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