Blue screens but why?

hey everyone, My girlfriends pc

amd phenom 2 720 black edition

windows xp 32bit sp3

4 gig corsair dominator 800mhz

640 gig western digital sata 2 hard drive

xfx 5770

antec true power 550

asus m2n-sli updated to latest bios to support later processors and 5800 series gcards

the problem is, her pc randomly blue screens. It does it all the time. Yet I have stress tested each individual part of the pc. I have ran diagnostics on everything. I have used western digitals diagnostic software on the hard drive to make sure that the hard drive is fine. I have ran memtest +86 till 2000% complete for around 10-12 hours! I have run furmark for over 4 hours, gcard never going above 70 degrees! cpu never runs above 45.

The error code is 00000000xf may not be the right ammount of zeros

but according to microsoft this indicates failing or incorrectly setup hardware. Yet I know everything is fine! she can play fallout 3 on there for 6-7 hours + and no problems. Yet turn the pc off, then when it comes back on it may be fine, but sometimes. It moves orphaned files and deletes incorrect index files all by itself when no error checking has been scheduled and then when it boots to windows it blue screens. Then it wont boot or recognize the windows partition. I have avira anti virus and have ran full checks. I have deleted bios in case of boot sector or bios virus and reinstalled latest.


thanks in advance guys
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  1. Get a good anti virus before more crap happens.
  2. First, get new bios, clean out any dust, try prime95, with some processors, a certain bit of logic will be incorrectly interperted.
  3. I have always trusted avira and never had any single problems with it whatsoever, this seems to be hardware related.

    I have done the bios, deleted it and reinstalled it from a second computer and used asus ez flash in the bios on her pc.

    I have used prime 95, oops sorry forgot to mention that. used it for ages and still this randomly happens
  4. So that may actually or can be virus playing around?
  5. Try Malwabytes. that almost always works!
  6. what do you mean? ive wiped the bios and used a clean usb to install it fresh from another computer so it is not a bios virus, and i have used diagnostic programs on the hard drive. I have also scanned fully with avira. I am 99.9% positive its not a virus! and i also forgot to mention. I have had 2 seperate hard drives in there. Both times I swapped them. I used disk partition manager to format the drives thouroughly and they would have wiped any virus. I then installed windows and did not connect to the internet. This still happened. So I dont see how it could be a virus
  7. ok relax dude.

    i never said its a bios virus.

    So must be hardware related? it may well be even if you say that you have checked each and every part thoroughly. how sure are you?
  8. im 99% sure its hardware related. The error code I always get is a hardware error code. Im that stuck that ive actually asked microsoft! sent an error report. They have told me its hardware related. I have even spent today testing every part individually in my pc, and my parts on her motherboard
    and they are fine, till I boot her comp up again.
  9. will give malwa a go and let you know
  10. off topic:

    check ports for a tampon. who knows :D :D :D
  11. just wondering, could the ht being downgraded due to am3 processor being used conflict with the sata 2 and ddr 2 controllers? is this some inherit problem im not aware of? will feel dumb if so!
  12. Not that I know of
  13. loads of stuff comin up about index entry files orphaned files replacing windows files. man this is getting so annoying now!
  14. its now telling me there are bad clusters on the hard drive in error checking. but it is passing the western digital diagnostics program! AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHH
  15. Try defragging it using defraggler, also use the trial version of auslogic's registry defragger. Then to seal the deal, use ccleaner, to clean the registry.
  16. I will give all these things a go, but should it really be doing this on a clean install of windows! i mean really! lol
  17. registry cleaners are gimicks, simple as that. they are only for developers who keep on installing and uninstalling programs.

    though cc cleaner is useful for many other jobs.

    now it seems like hdd is to blamre. man whats happening?
  18. windows is blaming the hard drive! western digital diagnostics tool (its a wd hard drive) is saying there is not a single fault with the drive! this is nuts!
  19. tried any aftermarket diagnostic software
  20. ultimate boot disk has one, i tried that and it says its fine
  21. Fetal said:
    registry cleaners are gimicks, simple as that. they are only for developers who keep on installing and uninstalling programs.

    though cc cleaner is useful for many other jobs.

    now it seems like hdd is to blamre. man whats happening?

    How is cleaning your registry a gimick?? Any time I uninstall something it leaves traces in the registry. In fact the only way I could get my latest sound card drivers to install was to run CCleaner after uninstalling it. Took 3 tries to figure that out, and then it worked.

    OT: Could be bad connections/cables and/or a bad motherboard.
  22. It did the same on a different mobo we had but ebuyer found that one faulty. so we got a replacement, same again. the guy at ebuyer said they had a bad batch. Coincidence or my parts killing mobos?
  23. sorry for not listing this all at start. But I have tried so many things i keep forgetting
  24. But did you use the same cables? They could be wearing out or have been bent too far, causing micro cracking that is interrupting data flow.
  25. ive tried 2 different ones. Again sorry for not listing all this before. This is a proper pickle im in! and I cant keep track of how many things i have tried. I though maybe dodgy sata controller on the board. Tried all 4 of them, and its the same thing again
  26. So, after a fresh install with nothing else installed it still has issues? Or is it only after loading up some drivers and programs?

    Also, you might want to try an older BIOS version on the mobo.
  27. its any time mate :( problem is, that bios supports the new 5xxx series cards, and thats what she has in there. I will try and roll it back and see if it works, i cant actually remember if i have tried it or not. I know i did have the previous one installed, but cant remember if it suffered issues or not
  28. Dude if i were you, i would dump this girl because she is a bad luck for you. simple as that. (no offense)

    ...and man i slept, and i woke up. Still its not solved.
  29. lol, she is awesome. She bought me a 5870 for completing my uni degree ;) I havent solved it either. Ive been out. played a gig chatted to loads of mates who build pc's and they aint got a clue. Tried resetting the bios and using a different one. Still the same. Tried the hard drive in another computer and it definately isnt that! the hard drive has no errors! not a single one. The only thing I can think now is its something to do with the ht downgrade cuz of it not being an am3 board. Cuz I had the same problem with another am2 board! gunna buy an am3 and keep my fingers crossed
  30. :D, Good luck.
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