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Hi, I've just built my first computer yesterday, carefully following the mobo instructions as well as the excellent guide by tecmo on this forum. However, I have a bit of an issue, in that upon hitting the power button after all is plugged in and switched on, nothing happens. I'm reasonably certain that the wires hooking up my case power button to the mobo is connected properly (and either way I've tried both orientations). My question is, if the PSU is hooked up to the mobo and switched on, even if the system isn't booting correctly (ie. I've hooked something else incorrectly), the PSU fan and other components should be moving right?

It'd be good to determine if my PSU is problematic before checking my other connections.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Before going into any more complex testings and fiddling, have you tried a different power cord? Have an old computer? Or even a monitor cable?
    The reason I ask is because it could be a problem as simple as the cord not working (dead fuse). This actually happened to me a couple builds back - I put everything together, plugged in, turned on...nothing. I shuddered to think whether the mobo or PSU was dead, but for some reason just thought I would make sure the plug itself worked. So I took the plug from my monitor and put inthe back of my computer and behold! It powered up, so I just replaced the fuse in the original plug and all was good - saved plenty of hours of troubleshooting which would have been no use!

    Note that this was not an old PSU, it was brand new and a decent brand (Silverstone I think) sometimes you can be unlucky
  2. Thanks for response asteldian! I actually tried that with my functioning monitor cable, and there was still nothing.

    My PSU is the OCZ ModXStream 700W just for the record, since I realized I never posted that.
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    Try the paper clip trick to test to see if your PSU is DOA. Corsair put out an instructional video on how to do this, but it works on any PSU.
  4. Most MoBo's have Led's now and should be lit if there is power on the MoBo.
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  6. Thanks for the responses guys, I've tried the paper clip trick and it seems that the problem isn't my PSU. I've checked out the troubleshooting FAQ that banthracis provided, and I'd like to say I've checked out all the possibilities except for breadboarding. Short of doing that, since I'd have to wait for the weekend when I'll have enough time on my hands to take everything out and reassemble, would there be any suggestions as to what can be causing this?

    Simply put, when I have the power hooked up, and power button pressed, absolutely NOTHING happens. Fans do not start, front LEDs aren't on (mobo may not have an LED), nothing. As I've said, the paperclip trick showed that my PSU does work.

    Thanks again!
  7. Are any of your fans hooked up to your PSU directly or are they all powered off of the motherboard? If they are all running off of the motherboard and none of them start and you dont have the power LED turning on, its likely that your motherboard is DOA.
  8. I just solved the problem through some tinkering and realized it was probably a real newbie mistake... I hooked up my case fans to both the mobo and the PSU. Once I only hooked them to the mobo, the machine booted...

    Thanks so much for the help! I'm glad I got that off my mind.
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